August 6, 2019

Dear friends,

I apologize for writing this message in English because my Portuguese is not good enough to write a letter and I would like that our colleagues in Brazil that do not speak Spanish would be able to understand.

Let me summarize below the actions we have made in these first few months at SLAOP:

Meeting SLAOP 2020 in Asuncion. The meeting will take place from April 1-4 and the team in Asuncion is working very hardly and efficiently to make this a memorable meeting. The venue is already selected and they have already committed a number of international speakers such as Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, Jaume Mora, Monika Metzger, Alvaro Lassaletta, Susana Rives, among others. We are preparing a nursing course lead y Oscar Barbona and Julia Challinor with a committee of many nurses from many countries that is going to be supported by the My Child Matters grant and the Leo Messi Foundation, so up to 50 nurses will go for training. There will be also a psychosocial and a surgery parallel meeting as well as a young investigators session. This time, our cooperative groups GALOP and CLEHOP will have their annual meetings in parallel to SLAOP so we will have a greater interaction. Please plan to attend, the meeting will be great, the local team is doing a great job to make it a wonderful meeting.

Membership issues. We are working hardly with Claudia Sampor and Essy Maradiegue to have a clean data base of our membership. We have now the possibility of linking our registration page at the website so it may automatically update the membership list, give a member number and allow us to have a one an only data base so that we know better who our members are, where they are, etc. As we go in that direction, I kindly invite you to pay the annual fees which is now very easy through PayPal. Please, use this link to pay for your 2019 annual fees.

SLAOP – Sociedad Latinoamericana de Oncología Pediátrica >>

Website. We worked with Ignacio Quintana in updating the website which now looks more up to date and we removed old information. However, it still needs more work and we aim to have the chance of having the information and registration to the annual meeting as well as the possibility of submitting abstracts all in one site.

SIOP and other societies interaction. Led by Arturo Moreno, who is our current Continental President we participated in the SIOP board and we are pursuing a formal written agreement with SIOP. We nominated Andrea Cappellano as a member of the SIOP Scientific Committee and she has just been elected for that position. SIOP awarded 2 papers presented at SLAOP Guayaquil as the Best of SLAOP papers and their authors were awarded a scholarship to attend to SIOP meeting in Lyon and awarded them with free SLAOP membership for 2 years. Our links to SIOP are stronger every day. We were invited by SIOP to participate in a global mapping of oncological facilities. In addition, we will sign an agreement with the SEHOP (Spanish Society of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology) to have a common strategy for training and other educational opportunities. We interacted with regional national groups and are envisioning activities with AMHOP (Mexican National Group), AHOPCA (Central American Group) and ACHOP (Colombian Group).

WHO Global initiative. Led by Liliana Vasquez, SLAOP has been recognized as a stakeholder for the Peru program at WHO. A grant obtained from My Child Matters will provide educational opportunities for Peruvian professionals contributing to the program. Our relationship with the St Jude Global Alliance is very strong in this and in other SLAOP activities. We participated in the online activities of the WHO Global Initiative.

Education. The SLAOP document for minimal requirements for training programs in pediatric oncology was revised by Mercedes Garcia Lombardi and it was forwarded to St Jude Global for evaluation for the use at the WHO program. A series of internet meetings are scheduled to discuss this possibility.

Other support. We supported the EPEC 2019 course on palliative care and awarded 1 half scholarship to attend to the course. We will give a recognition award to Antonio Wachtel for his lifetime achievements and service to SLAOP during the meeting in Asunción.

Finances and transparency. SLAOP resources are higher than never but still quite low for a society like ours. We plan to discuss our business model to improve the income of SLAOP as a society. We prepared a conflict of interest document to be made public by the SLAOP board members.

Challenges: There is still a lot to do. We need a stronger membership base and increased participation in our chapters. We are aiming to have a more professional management of the society and the annual meetings. The work that Arturo Moreno and Juan Quintana with their boards was enormous and made it possible to SLAOP to become alive and grow to the point where it is now, but we all agree that we are at the right time for discussing a more profesional management of our society. We have started discussions with Kenes group and Garrahan Foundation who offered management support to our society.

So, as you see exciting things are happening at SLAOP. We invite you to take part. Please join us at Cure4kids in our regular meetings the second Monday each month at 6 PM (Buenos Aires time).

Please follow us in Twitter (@slaop_org) and Facebook ( and retweet our tweets.

Let us know of any scientific or social activity taking place at your countries and we would love to support and disseminate it in the website and social networks. We need to have everybody onboard, especially those countries where there is no participation such as Haiti, Guyana, Surinam for example. We need your input to make all the good things that are happening in our continent known by everybody.

Guillermo Chantada
Presidente SLAOP